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Making profitable crafts for your craft business to excel is essential. You need to know what potential customers want, that meshes with your ability and passion to make a craft that they cannot resist buying.

The best selling crafts can be found through good old fashioned research and investigation. Many times though, what makes a great craft niche is the convergence of the right craft, at the right time, triggering the emotions of customers.

For example, a talented lady at a craft show I participate in sells out every year on the first day of the show. People line up to get the first pick of the craft she makes. Her craft is in the doll niche. I would describe these as whimsical dolls, each having a unique face. I do not think she could have researched that. She as a limited supply too, so it creates a mini-frenzy. A master crafts person!

My own craft idea of Shaker box making was not planned. Even though it is a wood craft, it is certainly unique in many respects, and had I taken the time to research craft ideas it would have caught my attention because I am a contrarian by nature. Fortunately, a small segment of folks love the Shaker boxes I make and I have had a nice side business selling them.


Who will be buying your hand made crafts to make you so successful? A larger percentage of women than men make most purchases. Never forget this. That is why jewelry predominates craft shows.

It does not mean that you cannot make awesome accessories for men, but it mostly will be women who purchase them as gifts. So it is always a great idea to ask a female for her take on a profitable crafts idea.

Bottom line, in most cases target female sensibilities with what you make.


Do you currently have a hobby such as photography, sewing, pottery, painting, woodworking or other fun activity you do in your spare time? Perhaps you do not know if you can monetize your hobby and do not know if what you create will sell? 

First go to Google Adwords Keyword Planner and search for terms for the item you make. I make Shaker boxes, so I can see that shaker boxes, shaker box, shaker oval box, etc. come up in a keyword search.

How many searches per month are listed for what you make? Is the competition very high?

If you make jewelry, it will be high. If you make polymer jewelry you will see lower competition. My point is, if you make jewelry, it is a very profitable niche, but a very crowded one. Find a type of jewelry that is unique to make, and has less competition. Separate yourself from the competition.

Another good option is to make a quick search on Google Trends to see what the trend is for what you make. Are you thinking of making something that has a promising future? Find out with this great tool.

Starting From Scratch

If you do not have a hobby, or any idea what you might for profitable crafts, I would suggest looking at CraftCount. This website has all the top Etsy sellers listed by category, so you can see what niche you are interested in, and if what you make, or want to make is worth the effort.

Check out the best selling craft items in each shop. The shops at the top tier of each category are very successful, and while it would be unethical to copy them, you can use ideas from what they make to put a new or different twist on something they make.

Do not let a lack of knowledge of how to make a certain craft stop you either. You can take a class, or classes, to start your journey in a profitable crafts niche. That is how I began making Shaker boxes, by taking a class at al local Woocraft store. A two day class was my springboard to a successful and profitable niche for my craft business.

Browse Craft Shows

Craft shows are great places to find profitable craft niches. Many crafters will not hesitate to let you know a little about their business. Look for busy booths and see what they are making.

Ask the craft show organizers what sell well at their shows. They can be invaluable sources of information. Many craft show organizers have been doing the same show for years.

Use Your Imagination

I recently met a successful crafter that is selling unique items made out of antlers. Whatever is out of the norm is where you should look for a truly unique craft niche that will capture the imagination of potential customers when selling crafts.


Unless you have a unique twist on jewelry I would not recommend it as one of the most profitable crafts. Woodworking is a good niche that does not have a huge amount of competition, but the sales are harder to come by.

Thousand of other variations on these and other niches are out there to be discovered. My advice is to use the power of the internet and craft shows to do a little research before you waste time and money on the wrong niche. You will be glad you did!

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