Samuli Jeskanen

I have been interested in creating online businesses for now over 10 years. I was fascinated to start selling jewelry because it is easy to manufacture, small to ship, has good margins and I noticed that I also liked to design jewelry :)

I have now created many online stores and spent over 1.5 million euros on online marketing. Now I'm more than ever interested in organic growth on social media platforms and then expanding that growth more with paid advertising.

I also love studying constantly new things, help people to succeed in business and in life, I have an awesome relationship with my girlfriend and we have a cute little cat called Mörkö :)

Tuomas Riikonen

I studied engineering about 15 years ago and since then I have worked in various areas of design and product manufacturing.

Product design and 3d modeling (and the problem-solving that comes with it) are one of my greatest strengths and also my passion.

Nature and natural materials have always interested me and that’s why I love making wooden products. Wood is a fairly easy material to work with and especially here in Finland it is very easily available. Nowadays, there is also a wide variety of equipment for working with wood, for example, a laser cutter is a good tool for that.

Because of this, it was natural to start a wooden craft business with a laser cutter.

I also have 4 children between the ages of 6 and 12 and they keep me moving in my spare time :)


You can contact us by email at sam@craftbusinesspro.com.